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Secure application messages sent through the CloudPrime platform.
HL7 & Cloud
Learn how CloudPrime Connectors let you securely interface to HL7-based applications and add new endpoints to your network in minutes.

Presented by: CloudPrime and Fred Pennic, Founder of HIT Media.

The leader in secure messaging and private data transfer.
CloudPrime is designed for businesses, small and large, that need to build secure connections between systems, applications, offices, hospitals, branch offices, travel systems and more. Our patented technology protects your data during transit and at rest.

We to allow a wide range of applications to exchange data (messages) with each other without having to make changes to the application itself.

Our messaging platform utilizes AES 256-bit encryption. This meets or exceeds HIPAA requirements for encryption and privacy. Our messaging platform provides encryption levels that satisfy FIPS-2 for military grade encryption and NSA Suite B for Top Secret communication.